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I grew up and still live in Norfolk, England where a lot of my inspiration comes from. I enjoyed painting as a hobby until in 2021 I started a Diploma in Art and Design at Art Academy East in Norwich, completing the course in 2022. While studying Fauvism during this time I discovered a love for colour that I hadn’t explored up until that point.

I take inspiration from nature, sometimes painting in a more realistical style and at others more abstract and intuitive- but each painting always evolves rather than being planned out.

I love the evening light and night-time and most of my paintings include a full golden moon framing wildlife. I love hares especially- there is so much mythology around them, my favourites being that they are goddesses and shapeshifters. They are solitary creatures and live by the moon- how they feel and behave is affected by the phases of it.

I try to show the beauty and gentleness in all animals- even those that some see as a pest or a problem such as with my sleepy little foxes. I use acrylic and oil paints, gold leaf and foils- the reflections, shadows and luminous qualities of which add another dimension to my work.


I have shown my paintings at local exhibitions and art fairs and have been successful in selling my original work as well as taking commissions. I am also represented by Artstar gallery in Thornham, Norfolk. I have prints of my original paintings and print designs that are hand embellished in gold leaf as alternatives to my original pieces too- please take a look in my shop.

Jo Colman

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